A swimming pool is never empty:
We are always filling water in it.

This is what I thought about business and technology in swimming: there's no finish lap when working with sport, it's a constant work managing excellence. Once the pool is broken or the service is unsatisfying, people do not stop swimming, they simply search other pool to be happy with. That's why I am focused on customized project development for the clients, creating strong business relationship and delivering outstanding support.

Qualification, Experience and Knowledge

Top skills

  • Creativity. Problem solving. Debugging.
  • Front and Back-End Development. Web Development
  • Decision making. Critical thinking. Organization.
  • Customer service.
  • Adaptabilty and customization.
  • Programming. Data processing.

Very qualified and experienced

  • Swimming, rules, masters swimming, statistics, rankings, records.
  • Aquatic event organization.
  • Web development, webmaster, integrator, back-end, front-end, full stack, responsive, APIs, RESTs.
  • Data mining and data processing. Credentials. Certificates. Multiple export formats.
  • Journalism (portuguese-based).
  • PHP. Wordpress. CentOS. CPanel. WHM. Mysql. Apache. SSL Certificates.
  • Remote working and software.
  • Domain registration. DNS.
  • Meet management software.

Experienced and knowledge

  • Electronic timing equipment.
  • Administrative sports organization.
  • Project management.
  • E-commerce and finances.
  • Design (print and web).
  • Social Media.
  • Documentation.
  • Video editing and streaming.
  • App development, App Store and Google Play.
  • CDN. Cache management. Security. Data Structures.
  • Livecode. UX/UI. Testing.

Continous Learning

  • Flexbox. SASS. LESS.
  • ReactJS. AngularJS. Vue.js. Node.js.
  • Firebase. PWA.

Currently Learning

  • Swift. XCode.
  • CodeIgniter.
  • Python. Security Headers.

Related important knowledge

  • Anti-doping.
  • Volunteering management.
  • Litespeed. Cache management. Jetpack.
  • Marketing. SEO. Email Marketing. Analytics. Piwik/Matomo. Google Ads. Payment gateways. Boleto.
  • Web and app push notification messages.
  • Cloud management.

Projects, Portfolio, Clients

Looking for a CV

I have one for download, if you need it.